Margaret Heaton

Margaret joined AVOW’s Executive Board in July 2019. She is a qualified RIBA Chartered Architect (retired) who studied part-time whilst working in Private Practice, a rural district Borough Council, United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority, Manchester City housing, several private practices, on her own for 7 years and 11 years tutoring students of architecture at Liverpool University school of architecture. Later 27 years as a volunteer for Gresford Trust

Margaret has designed and built schools, nurseries, abattoir, theatre conversions, flats, Gresford Memorial hall, marina, factories, and pumping stations, etc, and often writes letters which are a major part of communications and one that has proved invaluable.

Letters written without an institutionalised tone, can mark one out as being different and more likely to be noticed. Drawings help people to understand concepts more quickly than words. Strategic and creative thinking about problems is part of Margaret’s professional skill. You are aware of people’s needs and the problems faced by society in terms of the environment/housing etc and you can show people the possibilities and opportunities of a better life.