The Volunteer Centre is able to provide you with all the information you need to enable you to make an informed choice about volunteering. As part of our service we will refer you to organisations that are of interest and arrange appointments for you.
AVOW can help you with volunteering opportunities!

What is volunteering?

Volunteering is about making time to do something useful for the community without getting paid and can be a great way to:

  • build confidence
  • find new hobbies or interests
  • meet new people
  • gain new skills and experience

How do I become a Volunteer?

The Volunteer Centre helps people find volunteering opportunities and has lots of information on local organisations needing your support. Why not make an appointment to find out about opportunities to suit you. Simply call 01978 312556 or e-mail

AVOW Volunteer Centre is now on Twitter, if you are a fellow Tweeter why not follow us! Our user name is: WrxVolCentre

Volunteering Wales website

Why not visit the online database of volunteering opportunities. If you are unsure about what you would like to do, this is often the best place to start looking, as you can browse by postcode or click onto the map to see the variety of volunteering opportunities in the County Borough of Wrexham.

How long before you can start?

What Volunteers Say

What Volunteers SAy

Continuing to Volunteer

Click here to download the case study template

Sometimes you may not be able to volunteer immediately. There may be a group start date, or you may need to wait for references and checks to be completed.

If you want to volunteer with vulnerable people or children, organisations will carry out a Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) check, for more information visit  You might want to find out if there is any supervised activity you can take part in while you wait.

If you do have a conviction, it will not automatically exclude you from volunteering.

Remember that volunteering is very flexible and many organisation will be happy to let you do a taster session, which gives you the opportunity to try out several different types of volunteering.

If your volunteer role ends, but you would like to continue volunteering, please get back in touch with the Volunteer Centre and we will be happy to help.