Do you volunteer? Would you like to be recognised for the time that you give? YES!

Then why not sign up to the Volunteer Star Awards?

What are the Volunteer Star Awards?

The aim of the programme is to reward and recognise the effort and time spent by volunteers volunteering in the Wrexham County Borough.

What will I receive if I register on the programme?

How long does it take to complete?

There is no time limit to gaining the certificates. We can also back date up to 6 months’ worth of hours, as long as the organisation you volunteer can support the time claimed.

Do I have to write long reports or keep a huge portfolio to get the award?

No! You’ll be far too busy volunteering to do lots of paperwork so we keep it short and simple! You will be given a timesheet where you briefly record the work you do for each session, where you did it and how many hours you completed in that session. Your Placement Supervisor (the person who monitors your volunteering) will authorise your timesheet. Once you have reached one of the awards milestones i.e. 10 hours, bring the signed sheet back to the Volunteer Centre and we will record your hours and organise for you to receive your award.

OK I’m interested, what do I do now?

To register on the programme all you have to do is complete a registration form which can be downloaded and returned to us at the Volunteer Centre.

Volunteer Star Awards Information

Record of Volunteering

Long Term Service Award Nomination Form

Volunteers will receive certificates after the following number of hours:

  • 10 Hours Sapphire Award
  • 50 Hours Ruby Award
  • 100 Hours Bronze Award
  • 200 Hours Sliver Award
  • 500 Hours Gold Award
  • Long Service Award (nominated by the organisation)