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AVOW’s Make a Difference Grant (MAD Grant)

For 25 years AVOW has been serving the voluntary and community organisations of Wrexham by providing advice, support and resources to make for a more robust and influential third sector.

To say Thank You for all the support from the Third Sector in Wrexham, AVOW created the Silver Jubilee Make a Difference Grant Fund. We aimed to raise £10,000 which was distributed to worthy causes throughout Wrexham County Borough outlining a project that will “make a difference”.

The Make a Difference Grant is currently CLOSED for applications. We will send out details and update this page when it re-opens.

Silver Jubilee MAD guidelines 2015

Grant Application form

You can make contributions to the ‘MAD’ Grant in various ways

  • Online (we are currently in the process of updating our donation portal)
  • In person (please donate in our buildings or at any events in 2015)

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