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Wrexham PSB Well-Being Assessment – Secondary Consultation Feedback


Message sent on behalf of Rob Smith

As you are aware the Wrexham PSB Draft Well-Being Assessment is out for consultation from 16th Jan to 27th Feb 2017, following which the Well-Being Assessment will be finalised (taking into account consultation feedback), and published in April 2017.

This 6 week consultation period also provides an opportunity to fill any of the gaps that we already recognise exist within the Draft Well-Being Assessment.  This is where we need your help.  Please find below a link to the Draft Assessment.


As you will see, each theme covered by the assessment has a sub heading ‘What you have told us?’.  This is to provide a short summary of any consultation feedback relating to each theme.  The PSB ‘Wrexham We Want’ consultation and WCBC ‘What is important to you?’ consultation have provided us with consultation feedback for a number of the themes.  However there are still many themes that have little or no consultation feedback against them.

It is very important that we try to fill these gaps to provide a rounded well-being assessment that will lead to a balanced well-being assessment that reflects the needs of all partners service users.

Please find attached a list of all the themes currently lacking consultation feedback against them and the suggested partners that we are hoping will be able to fill the gap for each theme.

Secondary Consultation Feedback

Please can you look at the attached list and consider whether your organisation has any feedback from previous consultations you have carried out with service users that could help to fill these gaps.

Where you do have information please can you send back a short summary of consultation feedback (no more than a couple of paragraphs) which highlights the key messages from any relevant consultations you have carried out.  Where you do not have any information, please could you also confirm that this is the case so that we don’t keep chase you unnecessarily  for information.

Please return this information to  Anna Miller anna.miller@wrexham.gov.uk and Rachel Penman rachel.penman@wrexham.gov.uk by no later than Friday 24th February.

Many thanks,

Rob Smith
Chair Wrexham PSB

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