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Wrexham Pain Support Group

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Wrexham Pain Support Group are a recently formed group following a Pain Management Programme delivered by the Wrexham Pain Management Team.

They meet every Tuesday morning between 10am and 12.30pm in the Community Room at Wrexham Tesco Extra (Crescent Road, Wrexham. LL13 8HF).

Their aim is to bring together fellow chronic pain sufferers to offer help and support (physical, emotional and practical). They are looking to provide a place for people to touch base and where they can share their experiences.

The Pain Management Team have also said that, if they have enough members who need support in a specific area, they will make time to visit the Pain Support Group address that need.

We are all too aware that living with chronic pain can lead to isolation and depression and we hope that we can offer friendship and a place to belong.

In addition the Support Group can offer access to reduced membership fees at Total Fitness gym which offers accessible equipment, changing rooms, a hydrotherapy pool and heat treatments in the form of saunas, steam rooms etc.

They believe that they can help to reduce the load on GPs by providing an alternative place for people living with chronic pain to express their worries and concerns and receive positive support in return, whilst waiting for access to the Pain Team or when other alternatives are no longer helpful.

The group would appreciate any support that GPs can offer in terms of letting their patients, who are living with chronic pain, know about their service which they hope will be valuable in helping them to manage their conditions.

Facebook: Wrexham Pain Support Group
Website: www.wrexhampainsupportgroup.wordpress.com
Email: wrexhampaingroup@gmail.com

Contacts: Sue Nelson and Sue Roberts

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