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Wrexham Local Development Plan (2013 – 2028)

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During February to April 2016, the Council undertook a period of public consultation on the Preferred Strategy stage of the Local Development Plan (2013 – 2028).  As part of that consultation, there was an opportunity for new or alternative sites to be submitted by interested parties for consideration for inclusion in the next phase of plan preparation which is the Deposit plan stage.

These Alternative Sites have been compiled into a register by officers of the Council which is available to view on the LDP Consultation Portal on our website http://wrexhamldp.wrexham.gov.uk/portal/as2016 .

The Alternative Sites seek to inform the emerging Deposit plan by either proposing an additional site or altering a site already put forward for consideration in the LDP.  They are currently being assessed for their suitability or otherwise for inclusion in the Deposit plan, in line with the methodology identified in Background Paper 4: Candidate Site Assessment Methodology (February 2016), a copy of which is also available on our website.

The eventual site allocations and policies will be contained in the Deposit plan which is due out for full public consultation in 2017; the outcome of the full assessment of these sites will also be made available at that time.

Please note that the Council is not inviting representations on the alternative sites as there is no statutory requirement for us to do so under the LDP regulations. There is however a duty for the Council to make the representations received during the Preferred Strategy consultation available as soon as reasonably practical following the end of the consultation.  Raising awareness of the availability of the register is therefore part of this duty, as is informing you that all the representations received on the Preferred Strategy (including the site register) are now also available to view on the Consultation Portal http://wrexhamldp.wrexham.gov.uk.

Should you require any further information or clarification please contact planning policy: planning_policy@wrexham.gov.uk

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