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Welsh Government is seeking to collect views about whether a Public Health Bill is needed for Wales

The consultation seeks to “Consult on the need for a public health bill to place statutory duties on public bodies to consider public health issues”. This issue would be of interest to any third sector organisations with an interest in the promotion of good health and well-being or prevention of ill-health. It is especially relevant for those organisations with a campaign or lobbying remit. The briefing below is a summary of the consultation document and consultation questions.

AVOW will be supporting a collaborative response from the local partnership with a responsibility for health promotion – Outcome Group 5 “Healthy Choices”, however we would also like to produce a response from the third sector. Organisations can respond directly to Welsh Government and are encouraged to either copy us into the response or send us comments for inclusion in the AVOW response.

The original documents can be accessed http://wales.gov.uk/consultations/healthsocialcare/publichealth/?lang=en or http://wales.gov.uk/consultations/healthsocialcare/publichealth/?lang=cy . We have produced a helpful briefing which can be downloaded from our website or hard copy provided on request.

Public Health Bill consultation Vol sec briefing

The closing date is 20th February 2013 for direct response or 15th February to be included in the AVOW response. Contact Janet Radford Deputy Chief Officer at AVOW for further information or to submit your response. Contact details: 01978 312556 or janet.radford@avow.org .

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