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Position Statement

Third sector organisations participating in the Forum have identified the following principles and concerns which they believe must underpin and inform Brexit policy and the relevant decision-making processes. These have emerged from a series of events where organisations have led discussions about the implications of Brexit for their respective sectors.

Cross-cutting principles





 Replacement funding

Under the current EU Structural Funds programme, the third sector in Wales is leading multiple projects worth in excess of £90million and many more organisations are accessing EU funds through a number of frameworks and contracts. This investment is supporting the sector to help people into work, gain new skills and is assisting the growth of multiple social businesses.


The proposed UK Shared Prosperity Fund should be:






The Environment and Animal Welfare




Human Rights and Equality

The Forum recognises that Brexit represents a serious risk to human rights and equality in the UK and in Wales. The Forum is concerned by the UK’s withdrawal from the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights (the EU Charter), particularly as the economic and social rights it protects are under-prioritised in the UK, especially during austerity.




Immigration and EU citizens





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