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Victim of Cuckooing or Victim of Loan Shark

If you or anyone with a learning disability who would be willing to put themselves forward, if they have been victim of either ‘cuckooing’ or a loan shark.

1. Victim of Cuckooing or Mate Crime

Rosie Mercer, Production Journalist from ITV is doing a TV programme about ‘Cuckooing’. This is a description of Cuckooing written by South Wales Police, who will be involved in their coverage: “Cuckooing’ is one example of how a gang will use and abuse a vulnerable person. This is where a gang will take over a drug users’ or other vulnerable person’s home, and use it as base for their local drug dealing. This may be with the blessing of the resident, but more often is as a result of force or the threat of force. In some cases, the resident can also be pressured into selling drugs.”

This type of crime is known as a mate crime. It is something the Police are eager to crack down on and something they are keen to raise awareness of. This is obviously a very sensitive subject area, but one they are keen to raise awareness of. Rosie would be keen to hear from anyone who may have been the victim of this crime, or anyone indirectly affected, to hear their experiences.

If you have been a victim or know anyone with a learning disability who has been a victim of this type of crime, Rosie would be pleased to hear from you. Tel: 0844 88 10200. Rosie.Mercer@ITV.com

South Wales Police website contains further information, as well as information as to how this crime is linked to the ongoing problem of County Lines: https://www.south-wales.police.uk/en/newsroom/protecting-vulnerable-people-exploitation-organised-crime-groups

2. Victim of loan sharks

Matthew Murray of the BBC would like to hear from any disabled people who have become victims of loan sharks in the past 2 years. Previous research has shown that around 40 percent of victims have a mental health condition or physical impairment. If you or anyone you know have been affected by this, Matt at BBC Wales would like to hear from you.  They understand it’s a very sensitive issue so can film it anonymously. Contact at BBC Wales on matthew.murray@bbc.co.uk

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