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The Wrexham we want

Wrexham Public Services Board recently asked people a really simple question: “What do you want Wrexham to be?”

They also asked what might get in the way of it happening. And what public services and communities need to do to make it happen.

If you provided your views, you’ve already made an important contribution to the future of Wrexham.

Because the answers you gave them have been combined with other feedback and information to produce Wrexham’s Well-Being Assessment, it’ll help them understand what’s important to Wrexham – pin-pointing the big issues and challenges that people really care about.

Wrexham PSB will use this to develop a plan for Wrexham County Borough that will set out how everyone will work together to create ‘The Wrexham We Want.’

But before they start planning, they want to make sure they heard you right.

Tell them if they’re on the right track

Have they identified the things that matter?

This plan will shape the present and future of Wrexham County Borough.

It’ll shape their approach to things like employment, the environment, health, equalities, communities, culture and Welsh language.

Is there anything they need to change? Is there anything they’ve missed?

Your voice matters. And with your help, Wrexham PSB can hopefully create the Wrexham we all want. For ourselves, and for future generations.

They look forward to hearing your views.

To find out more visit The Wrexham We Want’ webpage.

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