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Sport Wales Development Grant

Are you looking to establish a new team, develop new training facilities or purchase much needed equipment to take your project to the next level?

If so, a grant of £1,501 to £25,000 is available to cover all of the above projects as well as:

Who can apply?

This grant is available to any group as long as they hold an account (be it a Bank, Building Society or Credit Union account) in the organisation’s name.

Who cannot apply?

Sorry but if you are a member of the public, a primary school or an associated body arranging activities for children, or secondary schools who are part of the 5×60 scheme, you are ineligible for a Development Grant.

In addition the following activities cannot be funded:

Or the following project elements:

How to apply

If this grant sounds perfect for your project then why not apply online by clicking on the “Apply Online” button on the right.  This will give you access to the Sport Wales Grants Portal and from there you can fill in the online Development Grant form.

Throughout the application form, if you require more information or guidance about a section or question, click on the nearest blue question mark   where some more information will be displayed.

When completing your application, please ensure you attach all requested documents, especially evidence of your organisation’s account (be it a Bank, Building Society or Credit Union account), so that the processing of your application is not delayed.

Following submission of your application form, you will be updated on its progress as it moves from stage to stage through the award process, via email.

Before applying, please read the 3 “Help” PDF documents as they will give you an idea of what information is required as well as explain how to apply for a grant using the Sport Wales Grants Portal.

If you’re not sure if a Development Grant is for you, or you have any questions about your project, please contact the Sport Wales Grant Team directly on 0300 300 3130 and they will be happy to help.

Alternatively, contact your local County Voluntary Councils for advice and support on how to complete the application form.

NB: Please note that Sport Wales are a distributor of National Lottery funding.

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