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Shopmobility and Blue Badge holder car parking

Shopmobility Final

AVOW has been instrumental in ensuring that alternate arrangements needed to be in place before the 8 blue badge car parking spaces on Rhosddu Road were removed for use by Police vehicles when they take over the Oriel Gallery for a Town Centre Police Station.

AVOW submitted information to the December Planning Committee and a decision to defer was made. At the second representation in January additional information and details of the petition were discussed and the application deferred again.

At the Planning Committee meeting held on 1st February the applicant, North Wales Police, applied for a deferment but the Chair of the Planning Committee pushed for Councillors to make a decision based on the revised parking proposal. The application for the removal of the 8 spaces as part of the overall planning application was approved with the following condition:

  1. 5 Designated Blue Badge Disabled bays will be marked out at the entrance to
  2. Shopmobility to replace the informal 6 that exist at present. This will require a Traffic Management Order to be consulted on first.
  3. The creation of 8 new Disabled Bays in the Library Car Park which has the entrance on Chester Road.

There will potentially be a net gain of Disabled Marked Bays but these may not be as convenient as the ones on Rhosddu Road.

As no Equality Impact Assessment was undertaken we are requesting that one is undertaken and shared with AVOW.

We would like to thank everyone for the support that they have given on this issue and would like to remind everyone that our key concern all along has been to ensure that adequate car parking is available for disabled/infirm people in Wrexham and at no time have we objected to the development of the new Police Station.

Please contact john.gallanders@avow.org or tel: 01978 312556 if you wish to receive any additional information.

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