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Review of the Community and Town Council Sector in Wales

An Independent Review Panel has been set up to consider the future role of Community and Town Councils.

The review will:

  • explore the potential role of local government below Local Authority councils, drawing on best practice
  • define the most appropriate model(s)/structure(s) to deliver this role
  • consider how these models and structures should be applied across Wales. This will include consideration of any situations in which they would not be necessary or appropriate.

The past few months saw the Review Panel hearing from members of the community and town councils themselves. The Review Panel would now like to hear from the people who live within these communities. This is your chance to have your voice heard.

People of Wales – Get involved!

Here is a short public survey to submit your views (external link). Tweet using #MyCommunityMyCouncil or contact the panel directly by email: Adolygiad.CTC.Review@gov.wales.

Community and Town Councils – Get involved!

Tweet using #CTCReview. Submit your views by completing this short survey(external link) or contact the panel directly by email: Adolygiad.CTC.Review@gov.wales.

The review will take around a year. The Panel will be hosting other opportunities to engage and the website will be updated once confirmed.

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