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Rethinking Respite for People Affected by Dementia

Rethinking Respite’ report, identifies the issues and challenges faced by people affected by dementia when accessing and using respite services and makes clear that fundamental change is needed in the way that respite is thought about and delivered in Wales.

The report was published following extensive engagement with people living with dementia and carers across Wales, as well as a detailed review of academic literature and current practice. Whilst the report is focused on the experiences of people affected by dementia, it will have resonance for all people seeking respite support.

If this change does not take place, our ability to deliver the outcomes that sit at the heart of the Social Services and Well-being (Wales) Act 2014 will be compromised and people affected by dementia will continue to face unacceptable and avoidable pressures on their physical, mental and emotional health, at huge detriment to themselves, and placing an unnecessary costs upon public services due to increased demand for more complex and lengthy care and support.

The report and accompanying annexes are attached for your information: rethinking-respite-for-people-affected-by-dementia  &  rethinking-respite-annex-1-useful-information-and-practice-examples

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