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Plas Madoc Play mentioned in Times article!


Polly Morland’s brisk and thought-inducing book takes a forensic look at nine examples of modern risk, and on the way delivers acute and entertaining insights. Her first foray into an environment of contemporary risk-taking is one of the book’s most cheering chapters.

It describes a play experiment in Plas Madoc, North Wales, where, rather than the specially laid “soft” flooring and tasteful wooden or brightly painted apparatus of most play areas, the kids are let loose on what is essentially a junkyard. Where most playgrounds leave me feeling weary, Morland’s descriptions of Plas Madoc’s juvenile customers hacking away with rusty saws and throwing themselves off heights made me keen to join in. She quotes play theorist Brian Sutton-Smith: “The opposite of play is not work. It’s depression.” Too right. I’ve long felt that we are raising a generation of depressives through our policy of sending children betimes off to school and away from creative play.

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