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New Agenda for Public Service Reform

Welsh GovernmentThe Welsh Government has today set out a new agenda for public service reform in Wales, representing our response to the report from the Commission on Public Service Governance and Delivery, led by Sir Paul Williams. As the Commission’s report highlighted, the status quo is not sustainable, and given continued austerity, increasing demand and patchy local delivery, radical reform is needed now.

This document outlines a vision for our public services in Wales and the actions the Welsh Government propose to take to support them in responding to these growing challenges. This includes a programme of local authority mergers and wider reforms to strengthen local democracy and delivery, which will help to protect and improve public services. Further details are set out in the accompanying White Paper on Reforming Local Government.

These reforms complement the changes needed to provide a stronger, more stable devolution settlement for Wales, as recommended by the Commission on Devolution in Wales, led by Paul Silk. Our response, Devolution, Democracy and Delivery: Powers to achieve our aspirations for Wales, to the Commission’s report was published last week.

The three key documents above can be accessed via the Welsh Government website http://wales.gov.uk/topics/improvingservices/devolution-democracy-delivery/?lang=en.

Reforms to public services are for a purpose: to improve the well-being of people across Wales now and in the future. We will achieve this through developing a strong and stable devolution settlement for Wales, ensuring effective local democratic leadership and accountability for public services and supporting effective delivery.

These reforms are not easy choices, but they are the right choices. They are right because they will help to sustain and improve our public services, which every day help to change people’s lives for the better.

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