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Mobility Matters – Request for Information

Mobility Matters is engaged in a campaign to persuade DfT to hold off any enforcement of its letter of July 31st and to undertake a full holistic review of the s19 / s22 / s10b permit system. We want the CT sector to survive and be sustainable without a wholesale move to a full PSV operational status which we believe to be unaffordable, impractical and unnecessary for many current CTs.

However, to mount any cogent argument we need to approach DfT armed with up-to-date data about what CT operations like yourselves achieve on a daily basis. Please see the attached information request for the kind of data we require. You will see that this consists of a number of questions / areas where information is currently lacking. If you have an ‘off-the-peg’ report or annual accounts that provides much of this data already, please send this to us. Ultimately, we are more interested in what you achieve for your community (numbers of registered passengers, trips etc) that financial information – so annual audited accounts may not give us the full picture. If you would prefer the request for information in a different format, please contact sarah@ctpermits.org

Please fill in this form and return: mobility-matters-request-for-information-on-likely-impact-on-cts-e-f

Any information you can send will go towards a building up an impact report which will enable DfT to understand the full implications of its intended actions.  

It is vital that DfT sees this information. This cannot be done without your assistance.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Mobility Matters Steering Group


Any data that is sent to us for this purpose will be shared with DfT and we will assume that by sending this to us we have gained your consent to use the data (possibly as part of a case study, for example) for the purposes of the campaign. For this reason please do not share any data you feel is confidential, sensitive or that which you are not happy to share.

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