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Welcome to the HSE Stress eBulletin

stressThis is the first of the relaunched version of the Stress ebulletin. Following the publication of the HSE’s new strategy document which prioritises working with others to prevent ill health at work, HSE stress team is developing a programme of work which we will explain in more detail over the next few bulletins. Here we are asking for you help.

Helping GB Work Well Strategy – what it means for work related stress!

The HSE work-related stress (WRS) team is developing a programme of work to underpin HSE’s new strategy – Helping Great Britain work well – to raise awareness of the harm, costs and preventability of work-related ill health. The Strategy places a focus on tackling ill health as a priority theme and highlights that prevention is more cost-effective and produces more business benefits than intervening when a person is suffering from ill health. In the case of stress this can a be long-term problem. HSE statistics show that the average sickness absence period for stress related illness is 23 working days and the total cost to industry and the country has been estimated at about £5.2 billion.

The programme of work will include; refreshing HSE’s work related stress website and other related guidance; updating our evidence base; extending our industry stakeholder engagement; increasing awareness of work related stress (WRS) and promoting the Management Standards approach to tackling WRS across all GB sectors.

We are planning to make greater use of our e-bulletin and e-community audiences as a source of both evidence gathering (via surveys, inviting new case studies etc) and testing/commenting on any new products and guidance. As a first step, we are reviewing the WRS guidance (leaflets and website) and we’re looking for your help!

We’d like to ask you just three questions:

  1. How do you want or prefer us to communicate with you?
  2. How can we improve the current guidance – particularly with regard to the website and tools we provide? And
  3. Is there anything missing from the information we currently give that would be a useful addition?

If you would like to contribute, please do so via our “contact us” email route at http://www.hse.gov.uk/stress/contacts.htm. To help us understand a little bit more about your organisation, you may wish to complete the questions, but don’t feel you have to!


The stress team also administers an e-community which is an online forum that allows people to share data, discuss issues and share innovative ideas or good practice. It also has a function to allow surveys and questionnaires. If you want to take part in forthcoming surveys or help us by testing new tools or products, you can register on the e: stress forum.

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