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Getting Brexit Ready: A Guide for Small to Large Third Sector Organisations

This document is intended to help civil society organisations in Wales assess the risks of Brexit and consider potential preparations. It is intended to cover a variety of possible outcomes including exiting with and without (‘no-deal’) a withdrawal agreement and to aid organisations with potential scenario mapping.

In the event of a no-deal scenario, a lot will change very quickly. If the withdrawal agreement is secured there will be more time to prepare due to the transition period, but change will still come. It is not possible to accurately predict all the precise implications of exiting the EU without a withdrawal agreement at this point, but contrary to some media reports, the possibilities are not binary. Even in the event of a no deal it is likely that the EU and UK would seek to ‘soften’ the impact with a variety of smaller agreements. See this briefing by the Institute for Government for the different types of no-deal outcomes.

Welsh Guide: brexit-risk-planning-guide-dec-2018-cymraeg

English Guide: brexit-planning-guide-dec-2018-english

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