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Frontline Network Meeting – 13th September

The next Frontline Network meeting will be held on:

Wednesday 13th September @ 1:00 till 3:00, here at the DIP (21 Grosvenor road).

The Frontline Network needs you:

As Frontline workers we are best placed for helping in identifying best practices in reducing:

We can help create and develop ideas across North Wales, improving opportunities in the decision making processes and service delivery design.

The aim of the Frontline Network is to present ideas to strategic groups to initiate policy change, which will ultimately improve outcomes for service users, enhancing the quality of their lives.

Your knowledge and opinions are important – join the North Wales Front Line Worker Network Forum and help improve future delivery of services, for the service users we work with.

For more information, please contact Rowena Gregor on 07920-598486 or e-mail r.gregor@archfutures.com

About the Frontline Network:

St Martin’s set up the Frontline Network to build relationships, share best practice, develop solutions and communicate the experience and views of the frontline. We recognised that there was more that we could do to amplify the voices of frontline workers and support further opportunities for staff to develop creative, solution-focused ideas. This was in direct response to a high number of applications for crisis grants via our Vicar’s Relief Fund (VRF).

The VRF provides small crisis grants of up to £350 to support people who are at risk of, or currently, experiencing homelessness or are vulnerably housed, to establish and maintain their tenancies. Types of applications include funding to secure accommodation and to clear rent arrears following an eviction notice.

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