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Fraud in the Charity Sector

Whittingham Riddell

1)  New website to help charities tackle fraud

Following Charity Fraud Awareness Week in October this year, the Charity Commission together with members of the Charity Sector Fraud Group launched a website to help charities tackle fraud. It is designed to provide guidance for trustees, staff & volunteers who want more information on tackling fraud in their charity, including guidance, tips, case studies, and links to other organisations tackling fraud.


2) Invoice fraud warning

During the seminar, we highlighted mandate fraud as a common finding in recent cases of reported charity fraud. Our charity team explained how one way to help prevent fraudsters redirecting payments to their bank account, could be to put the following simple warning at the bottom of all your invoices. That way you can remind clients that you will never advise them of a change of bank details by email.

2) Password Security

Dinally we mentioned a website which allows you to see an estimate of how long it could take a computer to crack your password.. Have you checked yours yet?


If you would like to discuss anything raised in this article please contact Whittingham Riddell here.

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