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Flintshire Start-Up Study informs Lottery bid to feed people in need in Wrexham and Flintshire

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A team of environment, sustainability and social enterprise consultants managed by local start-up environmental and sustainability consultants Sastun Ltd, have recently completed a feasibility study looking into the possibility of setting up a FareShare food redistribution depot in Wrexham and Flintshire, which will help feed local people in need.

FareShare takes surplus in-date food from retailers and food manufacturers and redistributes it, for a nominal fee, to community organisations.

The study, which was produced as a collaboration between Sastun, Sustainable Change Co-operative and Co-operative Mutual Solutions, identified the high levels of need in the Wrexham and Flintshire area, and good access to food surpluses. In Wales it is estimated that over 400,000 tonnes of food is wasted each year and even if only 1% of this was edible, it would be enough to contribute towards over 8,000,000 meals.

The feasibility study highlighted the environmental benefits of reducing the food surplus that ends up in landfill or as animal feed, resource savings, cost savings and reputational benefits to businesses and the significant difference the receipt of food will make to the beneficiaries both directly, and through better service provision by community organisations by cutting their food costs.

The most challenging aspect of setting up a new depot would be the lack of funding for new depots from FareShare UK, given their strategy of consolidating their existing network, and the time it would take to set up a new ‘body’ to manage a depot given the growing urgent need in the area.

The steering group who commissioned the feasibility study comprising AVOW, FLVC, Environment Wales, Northern Marches Cymru and Cais took the decision based on the report recommendations to collaborate and co-operate with the existing FareShare depot in Llandudno run by Crest Co-operative. Based on the evidence within the feasibility report Jay Martin of Crest Co-operative has now submitted a bid to the Big Lottery for two years of funding, the first of which will focus on the development of a food redistribution service within Wrexham and Flintshire.

Sastun’s Director Sarah Pratt said: “We were pleased to be approached by the steering group to bid for this feasibility study project, and delighted to have won the work, competing against much larger consultancies. We are even more delighted to see our recommendations come to life relatively quickly with surplus food already being redistributed to KIM Inspire and Cais.

John Gallanders of AVOW, one of the feasibility report’s funders, said: “The Sastun team clearly have a range of expertise that has shown through in the research”.

Over 30 community organisations met in Wrexham at the first sign up event last week.

If you are a food business and you want to donate your food surplus to FareShare, or if you are a community organisation that provides meals or feeds those most in need, please get in touch with Jay Martin of Crest Co-operative on jay@crestcooperative.co.uk, 01492 596783 or 077025728063



FareShare UK is a national charity with 17 depots and works to alleviate food poverty through reducing food waste: http://www.fareshare.org.uk/ Sastun is an environmental and sustainability consultancy based in Mold, providing consulting, training, systems implementation and auditing for businesses and communities developing strategies for sustainability. www.sastunconsulting.co.uk
For further information please contact Sarah Pratt , Director Sastun Ltd. sarah@sastunconsulting.co.uk. 07815 108 827.

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