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End Child Poverty Network Cymru bulletin

End Child Poverty Network Cymru

Welcome to the monthly bulletin for the End Child Poverty Network Cymru.

The bulletin includes the latest news and policy from Wales and the UK relating to tackling poverty and improving social mobility.

If you have anything you’d like to contribute to the bulletin, please contact hannah.davey@childreninwales.org.uk.

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A future demand-led fuel poverty scheme to succeed Welsh Government Warm Homes – Nest: Summary of responses

The Welsh Government has published a summary of the responses received to its recent consultation on a fuel poverty scheme to succeed Nest.

This consultation ran from 27 Jul 2016 to 19 Oct 2016 and looked at the design and delivery of a new scheme to run from September 2017.

You can download the summary and find details of the original consultation on the Welsh Government website.


UK poverty: Causes, costs and solutions

The Joseph Rowntree Foundation has published a report looking at the cost of the poverty premium on low-income households.

The poverty premium costs low-income households around £490 a year on average, according to recent research undertaken by Bristol University. Inflation increases in 2017 are forecast to increase unfair premiums on essentials, making tackling these premiums vital to those households who are just managing.

Reducing the cost of essential goods and services is just as important as increasing incomes to address poverty across the UK. Poverty premiums occur when market failure results in a lack of competition on price and the cost of goods and services increase. Those in low-income households often can’t afford to pay for services, such as insurance, in a lump sum and must pay extra for monthly payments. Low income households also tend to avoid direct debit payments due to tight monthly budgets, even those this form of payment is often cheaper.

Visit the Joseph Rowntree Foundation website to access the full report.


The State of Child Health

The Royal College of Paediatrics and Chidl Helath have published a report on the health of children in the UK.

The report brings together for the first time data on 25 measures of child health including specific conditions such as asthma and diabetes, risk factors such as obesity and low rate of breast-feeding, and data on child deaths.

The report finds that nearly one in five children in the UK is living in poverty and that inequality is a major factor in their health, with those from deprived backgrounds experiencing worse health than those from affluent backgrounds.

You can download the State of Child Health here and the Wales-specific recommendations here.


How poverty affects people’s decision-making processes

The Joseph Rowntree Foundation has published a report looking at the damagaing role played by individual decisions made in low-income households.

The report summarises recent evidence on the relationship between socioeconomic status and the psychological, social and cultural processes that underpin decision making.

You can download the report from the Joseph Rowntree Foundation website


Child Poverty Strategy: Assessment of Progress 2016 – Summary Report

The Welsh Government has published its Child Poverty Strategy progress report for 2016.

The report gives information about the progress the Welsh Government has made towards achieving its child poverty objectives, the work that has been done between 2011-2016, and what the Welsh Government will do next.

The Child Poverty Strategy was published in 2011 following a commitment in the Children and Families (Wales) Measure. A revised Strategy was published in 2015.

You can review the report on the Welsh Government website


Information and Advice Action Plan

The Welsh Government has published its Information and Advice Action Plan for Wales.

This follows the 2013 Advice Services Review of third sector services covering social welfare law, which made a number of recommendations on:

This document focuses on practical actions needed to make further progress on information and advice services.  It links with other existing strategies and action plans including the Financial Inclusion Strategy for Wales and the Strategic Equality Plan.

You can download the plan from the Welsh Government website.


Finance Ministers call for greater clarity on budget cuts from UK Government

The finance ministers of Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland have issued a joint letter to the Chief Secretary to the Treasury on key finance issues ahead of the UK Budget in March.

Alongside greater clarity for budget cuts, the letter calls for the UK Government to announce the Budget earlier in the autumn. An earlier announcement would allow more time for devolved administrations to consider its impact on their own budgets ahead of the start of the next financial year. The letter also calls for a commitment from the UK Government that no further reductions will be made to devolved budgets, as these are already facing real term cuts.

Visit the Welsh Government website for more information.


Cabinet Secretary for Children announces £7.8m to prevent homelessness

The Cabinet Secretary for Communities and Children, Carl Sargeant AM, has announced a £7.8m grant to fund the Homeless Prevention Programme for 2017/18.

The grant will support third sector organisations and local authorities to deliver frontline services with the aim of preventing homelessness. The Homelessness Prevention Programme helps those effected by homelessness through the provision of advice services, night shelters, hostels, outreach work, mediation and bond schemes.

The BAYS Mediation & Home Support service, managed by Barnardo’s Cymru, is one of the services set to benefit from the funding. BAYS supports homeless young people in Swansea to settle any arguments and differences within their family that prevent them from residing at the family home.

Visit the Welsh Government website for more information.


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