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The next stage of TMI is coming − share your experiences

The National Autism Society launched our Too Much Information campaign in 2016 because thousands of autistic people and their families told us that not only did the public not understand autism, but that it was resulting in them being asked to leave public places and getting judgmental looks when experiencing a meltdown at an overwhelming supermarket.

“The problem is that it is not visible to others that I am having a sensory overload”. One autistic adult said this to us – but we need to make it visible. Will you share your experience of sensory overload in shops?

Together, we have already gone a long way to improving the public’s understanding of autism. Over 70 million people have watched our campaign films and learned more about what it’s like to be overloaded with too much information. We now want businesses to take simple steps to make things more autism-friendly from the start.

To do that, your personal experience of autism is needed.

We need to tell people what it’s like to experience an overload at the shops. What it’s like to feel the brightness burning from the strip lights across the supermarket. To experience the cacophony of background music layered with shop floor chatter with blaring checkout beeps. To be handled by shop staff who don’t understand. How that makes you feel, and what you’d want to see changed.

We need to know your experiences of overload in shops. Will you tell us your experience to help more people to understand?

We want to use your stories to help engage businesses in the next important stage of the Too Much Information campaign. Thank you for completing this short form to tell us.

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