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Cultural Protection Fund Opens

The Cultural Protection Fund has been established by the Department for Culture, Media and Sport. The Government has dedicated £30 million in overseas development assistance funding to support cultural heritage in conflict-affected countries between 2016 and 2020.

The overarching objective of the Fund is to protect cultural heritage, creating opportunities for social and economic development through building capacity to foster, safeguard and promote cultural heritage overseas.

Non-governmental organisations, charities, voluntary organisations, public sector organisations, and academic institutions based in the UK can apply.

The grants are suitable for applicants working with local partners in one or more of the Fund’s target countries: Afghanistan, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Iraq, Occupied Palestinian Territories, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia, Turkey and Yemen.

Cultural heritage includes many different things from the past that communities value and want to pass on to future generations.

There are two levels of funding:

Organisations are limited to a maximum of £3 million in funding from the Cultural Protection Fund from 2016-2020. This is a cumulative total representing all grants awarded for projects.

There are separate application processes for small and large grants.

The deadline for expressions of interest for large grants is 3 November 2017. 

Applicants are advised to read the application guidance document before sending an expression of interest.

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