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You may have seen the tweets about the new Womenspire Awards that we’re running next year – as you’ll have noticed, we’re very excited!

For background, at Chwarae Teg we were conscious that there was no all-encompassing awards programme to celebrate the contribution women from different backgrounds and in different parts of Wales make to Welsh society and the economy day in, day out. So with creating a Wales where women achieve and prosper as our vision, we thought we’d start one!

On an annual basis, we want to celebrate the women who are doing great things for our communities, institutions and economy but are going unrecognised. We also want to acknowledge the work so many organisations are doing to create workplaces that are successful by being more inclusive and encouraging of their female workforce.

The event itself – the Womenspire Awards – will be a ceremony like no other! Being held on Thursday 14th April 2016 at the Welsh College for Music and Drama, there will be performances and entertainment and quite a few surprises – our objective is you will come away energised and inspired!

So, we have set ourselves a big ambition to make it a truly different kind of celebratory event and the plans are coming together right now. There are lots of ways to be involved – further info here: www.cteg.org.uk/womenspire-awards/

For now though – nominations are open so please, please, please get nominating and share with your networks to encourage others to do the same.

If you have any questions about the Womenspire Awards and how you might get involved, please get in touch.

This is going to be an amazing evening and I really hope you’ll be nominating – or who knows, nominated –
and there on the night!

Joy Kent
Chief Executive
Mobile: 079 6442 0506 

Help women achieve and prosper – become a Chwarae Teg Supporter.

Website: cteg.org.uk | agilenation2.org.uk

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