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Celebratory football match in Wrexham

DAFFA (Drug and Alcohol Free Football Association) took on the Flintshire Flyers in a Football Match last Friday 15th March 2013 at Glyndwr Astro Turf to celebrate and promote AVOW’s 25th anniversary, which takes place this year.

Players from both teams and spectators showed their support to a very worthy event celebrating the Association of Voluntary Organisations in Wrexham’s Silver Jubilee Anniversary. In spite of the rainy and cold weather everybody enjoyed the match. DAFFA won 16:3 and John Leece Jones, Chairman of AVOW, presented the team trophy and individual awards to outstanding players.

Interest has exploded in the DAFFA (Drug and Alcohol Free Football Association) project in the last few months and we are seeing Service Users responding to this diversionary activity and some have found recovery from substance misuse, alcohol and drugs, through the project. This project is putting its own dent in the local drug problem and each beneficiary on the scheme is contributing to Reducing Crime through involvement in the DAFFA initiative.

Tony Ormond said: ‘The match was a very productive day. It did not just honour the work that AVOW was doing. It has honoured the work of service users. This project is open to people to help them grow in their lives and it is a privilege to be a part of the project’.

Wolfy, the only female captain said: ‘Attending DAFFA football changed my life completely. Being the only female, showing the lads what is what, basically at the end of the day, I have respect for lads and they have respect for me. It is helping a lot with my confidence. It is helping to change my life around. I also got an individual award for being the most committed player and it has made me not hide behind the shields anymore. I hope I have inspired more females to join in the football’.

DAFFA Football practice takes place every Friday at 12.45pm at Glyndwr Astro Turf. If you or anybody you know would like to break free from the addiction, joining our football team can help you. Get in touch with Tony Ormond from AVOW tony.ormond@avow.org / 01978 312556.

Both Football Teams together: DAFFA and Flintshire Flyers

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