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Celebrating Difference with Same But Different CIC


Same but Different CIC are excited to announce that they are looking to create a hardcover book titled ‘Celebrating Difference’ to highlight rare diseases.

Each beautiful image in the book lets the child’s personality shine through, ensuring their rare disease does not define them. With this book they aim to make people more aware about what it means to be affected by a rare disease whilst giving them a stronger voice in their community. Using powerful portraits to capture the person behind the condition and sharing as many stories as possible, they can make people think and look beyond their first impression.

The campaign is being run by Kickstarter.com, whereby pledges are made to enable projects to be brought to life; please follow the link below to our page. Sadly, if they don’t hit the target, we will be unable to produce the book and none of the pledged funds will be collected.

They would be delighted if you could please support our campaign and share the details so that they can hit our target and produce this beautiful collection of images and stories.

You can find plenty of resources that you can share on our Facebook page ‘Same but Different

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