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Become a reviewer for the Academic Journal of Research Involvement and Engagement

The Journal of Research Involvement and Engagement is seeking more patients and carers to register as peer reviewers for submissions to the journal.

Research Involvement and Engagement (http://researchinvolvement.biomedcentral.com/) is an interdisciplinary, health and social care journal focusing on patient and wider involvement and engagement in research, at all stages. The journal is co-produced by all key stakeholders, including patients, academics, policy makers and service users.

The journal is the only health research journal in the world where the patient reviewers’ comments are given equal weight to those from academic reviewers, and the only one in the world with a patient editor-in-chief who has editorial control. It also insists on a lay summary with every submission, and no paper is accepted for review until the lay summary is acceptable. The journal is open access so any patient or carer can read any of the published papers, and the peer reviews are also available online, so anyone can read the discussions that took place about the published papers during their submission stages.

Research Involvement and Engagement understands that a peer-reviewed journal would not survive without the generous time and insights of the reviewers, whose efforts often go unrecognized in other journals. For these reasons, Research Involvement and Engagement publicly acknowledges its peer reviewers on an annual basis: http://researchinvolvement.biomedcentral.com/reviewer-acknowledgements

To register to join this pool of peer reviewers, please e-mail the Editorial Office with the subject line ‘Sign Up as Patient Peer Reviewer’:jansen.mabilangan@biomedcentral.com

Once you have registered your interest via email, a member of the Research Involvement and Engagement Editorial Team will enter your contact details onto their secure ‘Editorial Manager’ database as a peer reviewer and you will receive an automated e-mail, with a link to enable you to activate your ‘Editorial Manager’ account. When activating your account online, you will be able to indicate your classifications or areas of expertise so that you are sent manuscripts to peer review that align with your interests.

The journal welcomes papers with patients or carers as authors or co-authors, and will consider waiving publication fees if these have not been included in research grants or in institution, charity or patient group budgets.

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