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asAsylum support services will change from 1 April, under new arrangements instigated by the Home Office, with the aim of ensuring consistency and simplification of the system through delivery by a single national provider.  The chosen provider is Migrant Help, and the new service will be known as Asylum Help. It will comprise two parallel services: Asylum Advice UK and Asylum Support Application UK, delivered to Home Office specifications.

Migrant Help is an independent, non-campaigning charity set up 50 years ago, operating across the UK to provide advice for EU migrants, foreign national prisoners and asylum seekers, and support for victims of modern day slavery.

It has developed services based on listening to, understanding and supporting these individuals, and over the last 50 years the charity has supported thousands of migrants across the UK, with significant impact.

It works in partnership with other providers – statutory, voluntary and commercial – to achieve a better overall service for clients, and will continue its other activities in this respect while delivering the Asylum Help service.

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