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An invitation to join the North Wales Transport Innovation Network!

Are you interested in rural transport? 

Do you want to get involved in a project that aims to make rural communities better connected? 

Would you like to develop ideas to make this happen?

Transport Innovation Network

Launching across Wales in January and February 2018, Transport Innovation Network is part of the “Connecting Communities in Wales” project being delivered by the Community Transport Association.  This project is supported by the Welsh Government Rural Communities Development Fund – Rural Development Programme 2014 – 2020, which is funded by the Welsh Government and European Union.

The Connecting Communities project is a unique and exciting opportunity to develop innovative solutions to rural transport problems.  The Transport Innovation Network will bring together a wide range of stakeholders s to identify transport gaps in rural communities and develop new transport solutions for people living with limited connectivity.

As somebody who works in partnership with rural communities and who recognizes the importance of high quality transport links in rural Wales, your insight and involvement in the network will be invaluable in shaping transport solutions for the benefit of people living and working in rural Wales. This is an important time for transport in Wales and for the community transport sector and we hope that you will be able to attend and contribute to the development of our activities.

For full event details please use the links below to book your complimentary tickets to any of The Transport Innovation Network Launch meeting

NORTH WALES EAST- https://www.eventbrite.com/e/connecting-communities-in-wales-project-north-east-wales-transport-innovation-network-launch-and-tickets-41205643188



As you may be aware, CTA has recently been awarded £1.1m to deliver the ‘Connecting Communities in Wales’ project through the Welsh Government’s Rural Communities Development Fund, Rural Development Programme 2014 – 2020.

The Connecting Communities project is a unique and exciting opportunity to bring together a wide range of partners and stakeholders who have an interest in, or would like to help shape rural transport solutions.

The project will establish Transport Innovation Networks (TIN) in North and South Wales and will identify transport gaps in rural communities, while seeking funding to develop projects which will plug gaps and find solutions for people living with limited connectivity.


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