Are you aged between 16–25? Then volunteer your time for others! Find out more about Millennium Volunteers now.

Millennium Volunteers (MV) is a programme that has been running since 1998 and in Wales it has helped over 14,500 young people across the country achieve recognition for volunteering in over a 1,000 different organisations. MV also runs in Scotland and Northern Ireland and in England the ‘V’ initiative uses the same key principles as MV.

So what exactly does it involve?

MVs are volunteers who make a commitment to do voluntary work over the course of a year, which will benefit their local community. Volunteer Centres across Wales have specialist advisors who can help you find something challenging and interesting and something that you will enjoy. You can volunteer in several places at a time or move between placements during your 200 hours.

There is a certificate to mark the first 50 and 100 hours of volunteering and MVs who complete 200 hours of volunteering will receive an Award of Excellence signed by the First Minister.

The key principles behind Millennium Volunteers

Millennium Volunteer Forms available to download:



MV50 Sport – Sport Award

  • Personal Commitment – in the form of an agreed plan, it is hoped that you will aim to carry out 50 to 200 hours of sustained volunteering over a one-year period;
  • Voluntary – criteria is that you are not getting paid for the activity and that it is not part of school or college curriculum hours;
  • Recognition – although we recognise achievements from the word go, you will achieve a MV certificate after 50 & 100 hours volunteering and an MV award after 200 hours;
  • Variety – volunteers are involved in a wide variety of activities all over the county, some of whom have gained permanent jobs as a result of their volunteering;
  • CV – the time you give will be rewarded through having a Millennium Volunteers award on your CV showing that you are committed, honest, reliable and are willing to give up your own time to help others.

At the Urdd Eisteddfod in June 2011, with the help of Young Ambassadors from Sport Wales, we signed up the first young people to work towards the new Award, which recognises 50 hours of volunteering in sport. This could be in local clubs, sports clubs, through schools, guided by 5 x 60 Officers or in any community setting.

The new certificate is linked to the London 2012 Olympics and Paralympics through the Inspire By mark and so there has never been a better time to get involved. Contact Lynsey Edwards, Youth Volunteering Development Officer on 01978 312556 or email: for more details.