Would your Organisation benefit from a UK recognised award for its commitment to volunteering?

Investing in Volunteers is the UK quality standard for all organisations that involve volunteers in their work. The Standard comprises of 10 Indicators of volunteer management best practice, supported by 55 practices, based on four key areas of volunteer management:

  • planning for volunteer involvement;
  • recruiting volunteers;
  • selecting and matching volunteers;
  • supporting and retaining volunteers.

Investing in Volunteers is managed by the four development agencies of the UK Volunteering Forum: Volunteering England, Volunteer Development Scotland, Volunteer Development Agency in Northern Ireland, and Wales Council for Voluntary Action.

Investing in Volunteers in Wales

Investing in Volunteers Healthcheck

If you would like to find out more, contact iiv@wcva.org.uk or register your interest online at www.investinginvolunteers.org.uk

Wales Council for Voluntary Action (WCVA) is managing Investors in Volunteers in Wales. The standards, assessment, and accreditation are the same for every organisation using Investors in Volunteers, wherever they are in the UK. There will be some slight differences in the way the standard is managed in each country.

To access Investing in Volunteers through WCVA your organisation needs to be based in Wales and have its registered address and head office based here.

There will be two options for organisations interested in Investing in Volunteers and based in Wales.

Option 1:  Organisations wishing to use Investing in Volunteers as a model for improving and developing their practices.

Those choosing Option 1 will be able to download the standards free of charge, by clicking on the ‘Investing in Volunteers standard document’ link on the Wales section of the website www.investinginvolunteers.org.uk . They may at any time choose to be assessed to gain Investing in Volunteers status by proceeding to Option 2.

Option 2:   Organisations wishing to achieve accredited status and achieve the Investing in Volunteers award.

Organisations are required to register online, in order to gain access to all relevant parts of the website.

Access to information on the standards, on details of the programme and to a range of resources to help meet the standards are available through the Investing in Volunteers web site. This provides full details of how to achieve the standard with a link through to the pages for Welsh groups which are managed by WCVA.

For further information regarding Investors in Volunteers please visit www.investinginvolunteers.org.uk

For organisations committed to volunteers.

If your organisation involves volunteers, then the Investing in Volunteers Health Check will provide an invaluable ‘diagnosis’ of your practice in volunteer management.

By using the Investing in Volunteers framework a trained advisor will benchmark your organisation against the standard and provide you with a development plan which outlines areas for improvement or gaps in practice. They will be able to signpost you to where you might get help to address these.

How long does it take?

A Health Check will take about half a day of your time but the benefits are far reaching. Our experience with Investing in Volunteers shows that some organisations struggle with the self-assessment techniques. By opting for the Health Check you let an Advisor do this part of the work for you!

In what ways can you use Health Check?

You can use your Health Check to plan your development and to improve your volunteer management practice. It also means that, if you wish, you are just one step away from achieving the Investing in Volunteers Award. If you choose to address your development plan within six months of the Health Check than you can proceed to assessment for the Investing in Volunteers Award.

You can use your Health Check as a way of testing your readiness for an Investing in Volunteers assessment without having to commit to the whole process. You can use it as a ‘first step’ toward achieving the award or simply as a diagnostic tool. Either way, you are demonstrating commitment to your volunteers by ensuring the best possible management practices for your organisation.