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What if we had £200?

We in AVOW administer this programme in partnership with Wrexham Youth service on behalf of the Welsh Government and therefore we need to make sure that all projects meet the criteria that we have to adhere to so…

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Data protection and declaration

A condition of monies being awarded is that the project named above will register on the TRACK Directory of Children and Young People’s Services that is hosted on the Young Wrexham website

www.youngwrexham.co.uk www.wrecsamifanc.co.uk

This directory of service enables any child, young person or adult to search electronically for local projects/ clubs/ organisations or support services. Please note if your project is part of a national organisation they will be expected to register giving a local contact.

Data Protection Act 1998. The information given will be entered and processed on computer by AVOW; the forms will also be kept. The information will be used by AVOW for administration purposes of the grant scheme and for the monitoring and promotion of the voluntary sector by AVOW. Personal data is limited to contact names, position, address, telephone and other contact numbers, organisation and project; it may be considered as sensitive personal data where the organisation/project is involved with matters relating to race, ethnic origins, politics, religions or similar beliefs, physical, mental health or sexual life.

Part or all of the information you provide us with will be held on computer. This information will be used for the administration of applications and grants and for producing statistics. Copies of this information will be provided, when necessary to individuals and organisations that AVOW consults with when assessing applications and grants.

Contact details will only be disclosed to third parties for the following purposes: to enable AVOW to process your application; to enable AVOW and funders to monitor local funding; to announce successful projects, and to promote the awarding grant bodies and the grant scheme generally via press releases and other bona fide promotional activities including placement on AVOW’s website and other AVOW publications.

Please sign to show that you agree to AVOW using your data in this way.

I agree to the above use of my data and I confirm that to the best of my knowledge and belief, all replies given on this application form are true and accurate.

We will keep your details safe.

Please read our privacy notice for more details: http://avow.org/en/privacy-policy/

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