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Section 1 Initial Details

Correspondence address if different from above

* An unincorporated group is a group that has a constitution as a governing document (a set of rules which guides committee members). PLEASE SEE NOTE 1

Section 2 Your Organisation

If you were describing to someone what your organisation did, what would you say? How would you describe what activities / services / support your organisation offers. (Approx. 150 Words Max)
Please tick as many as apply to you
Tick all appropriate.
If your organisation / group has different opening / meeting times at different times of the year, please use both columns to indicate the different times.
For example if winter opening hours are different from summer opening hours

Section 3 Staff and Volunteers

Excluding Trustees / Committee Members

Section 4 Feedback

See Note 2

Section 5 Declaration

The information given will be used by AVOW for the administration of the Membership Scheme, the Community Directory and related services such as AVOW events and new grant schemes. In addition to core e-Group communications, you may occasionally be contacted to update you about other AVOW services and events. The information may also be shared with our other partners only if it benefits the voluntary and community sector.

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