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Supermarket surplus food – Set to benefit Wrexham/Flintshire Charity Sector

A new Wrexham based venture (covering Wrexham and Flintshire) to supply free, surplus and in-date food to an array of local charities using food with their clients (including Wrexham & Flintshire’s local Foodbanks) is making progress this spring. Backed by AVOW and FLVC, the two counties’ ‘Voluntary Councils’ and local political leaders, the vision is making headway but is in need of local community and business support.

Eifion Williams, Chair of the Fareshare for North East Wales group said,

“A staggering 3million tons of perfectly edible and in-date food is landfilled or incinerated in Britain each year. The only thing that’s out of date is event specific marketing such as the Olympics, goods with packaging printing errors or torn labels

“Huge energy is put into growing our food; channelling surpluses to people who need it should be considered before landfill. It’s the moral and common sense option

“Our corner of Wales doesn’t benefit from having a Farshare depot (there are 20 in the UK) there’s provision over the border in Birmingham and Manchester and there’s a project that services the Conwy area some fifty miles away

“It’s crucial at a time when 60% of charities using food are reporting an increase demand on their services, that we make this happen

Challenging both the charitable and commercial sectors in Wrexham and Flintshire, Eifion Williams urged them to come on board

“They can help us right now by providing us vital information. If they’re a supermarket, hotel, food producer, we can reduce their waste costs, help hit their waste targets and improve their local profile. If they’re a charity that has a food bill small or large, you can now tear up that bill and put your money towards your charitable aims

“It’s boring I know, but none of this can happen if groups in the area don’t come on board and register their support. It’s time to stand up and be counted if we’re going to make this happen

“It’s really simple: just email fareshare4NEWales@gmail.com and ask for details. A greater indication of support we get, the greater the chances we have of setting up this venture

Lindsay Boswell, on Behalf of Fareshare UK, who operate depots in other parts of the country, said in support:

“We estimate that we handle less than 0.1% of the surplus food in the UK and we desperately need more responsible food companies to work with us. If just 1% of the surplus food in the UK was given to FareShare, this could provide 70 million meals for people in need.

“Ask those you know in the food industry to work with us. Join our cause and help us fight hunger and tackle food waste.

Further information:

Read about how I got involved in this: http://eifionwilliams.wordpress.com/sustainable-food/fareshare-ne-wales/

Fareshare offers franchises for areas to run their own local Fareshare: http://www.fareshare.org.uk/

For further details please contact:

Eifion Williams on 01978 722625 or eifion.williams@cylch.org.uk

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