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December with Dragontale Productions

The show Features; 
-Poems from our colleagues in AVOW Business support (3:40) 
-A radio play written by DragonTales Chris Harris and Performed by Volunteers at Champions House Wrexham titled Festive Mistake (Part One: 18:10/Part Two:46:45)
-Estelle Nock: Alzheimers Society (31:20)
-A short Visit to the Wrexham Victorian Christmas Market (41:30) 

Follow the link Below,


Please have a listen and feel free to like, Share and subscribe so everyone can hear my adorable voice. Also if you have any comments or notes feel free to post them on the aforementioned link.

If you have a story that you wish to be heard feel free to get in touch with Dragontale Productions by email at Dragontale@avow.org or phone 01978 312556 

They are currently gathering stories ready for the Holocaust Memorial, so if you have any War stories of friends family/loved ones, please get in touch.


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