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Cobweb is a purely voluntary organisation run by volunteers in Wrexham and as such is seeking a person with counselling experience (accredited if possible or at least 400 hours) and who is a member of the BACP to become a voluntary manager for our counsellors.  Do visit our website to learn more about us – www.cobwebcounselling.co.uk

Below are stated our requirements. If you are interested in joining us please email your CV and a letter of application to : Kay Lock Chairperson for Cobweb at chairperson@cobwebcounselling.co.uk

(There is a possibility of this post being funded in the future).

The Manager is required:-

  • To organise the referrals and the rota for the phone referrals.
  • To hold meetings, approximately every two months, with the counsellors where any ideas or concerns can be voiced. To find and secure premises for the meetings. Cobweb will fund this room fee.
  • Communicate and liaise with counsellors and the Committee. Also be available to the counsellors for any organisational issues between meetings.
  • Attend and submit a report of the meetings with the counsellors to the Committee at its meetings.
  • To support the counsellors but this should in no way replace their own supervision. To ascertain that the counsellors are having regular supervision.
  • To keep a record of the hours worked each month by the counsellors, the no-shows, cancelled etc and the type of problems being presented. This information to be given to the Committee during reports of the counsellors meetings.
  • Arrange professional development sessions, as required, with a report being made back to the Committee.  If external professional assistance is required this must be approved by the Committee before arrangements are made.
  • Must bring to the Board’s attention any professional concerns. If of a serious nature, immediate contact must be made with the Chairperson or if unavailable a committee member who will initially deal with the situation calling an emergency meeting if necessary.

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