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L'Arche FlintshireL’Arche Flintshire Vacancies for Local Committee Members – come and guide us on our big adventure!

The International Federation of L’Arche Communities is a global organisation that supports people with learning disabilities all over the world. In the UK, L’Arche is registered as a charity.  Building relationships, shared lives and a sense of belonging between people with and without learning disabilities is at the heart of our Communities. Jean Vanier, who founded L’Arche over 50 years ago and who was recently awarded the Templeton Prize, speaks of L’Arche as a place of belonging, where the disabled are welcomed and treated as being of equal worth, perhaps greater worth, than their helpers. “People who came to do good discover that the people they came to help are doing them good,” “As we come together to listen we become, all of us, more human.”

There are now 147 L’Arche communities in 35 different countries; ten in the UK with L’Arche Flintshire aiming to be 11th but we are developing it in a new and slightly different way!

We are developing a housing co-operative, the first to include people with learning disabilities in the UK and a community hub of micro-enterprises in the centre of Mold. Apartments and bungalows for people with learning disabilities physical disabilities and older people will provide housing for 20 – 30 people in the neighbourly spirit of mutual benefit, support and community living.

We now have a pressing need to expand and strengthen the L’Arche Flintshire Local Committee to ensure effective governance for the project – in particular, we are looking for 3-5 people with experience in social housing, learning disability or health and social care, and someone with the skills to act as L’Arche Flintshire’s Treasurer.

Local Committee members are not paid, but can instead expect to have a rewarding experience supporting the development of a ground-breaking project to build a community enriching the lives of all who take part in it.

To find out more about L’Arche, please go to www.larche.org.uk

To talk about the work of Local Committee members, please read the role description attached. To discuss further, or to apply, please contact: Jacqui.lewis@larche.org.uk

Please find attached a detailed Job Description for the role – Local Committee Member Job Description

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