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Career Choices Dewis Gyrfa (Careers Wales) – 2nd October

Career Choices Dewis Gyrfa (Careers Wales) - 2nd October
CCDG meetings, which are held quarterly, will predominantly take place at venues throughout Wales and the expectation is that Board members will engage with their duties on a Pan Wales basis
Board Members of the CCDG are not employees of the company or Welsh Government and currently serve in a voluntary, unpaid capacity.

A Board Member of Career Choices Dewis Gyrfa (Careers Wales) will:

• Play an active role in delivering the CCDG’s remit and ensuring CCDG will achieve maximum impact. This will include sharing their expertise in what works, challenging the status quo and suggesting solutions;

• Ensure compliance with relevant procurement rules, both in relation to the Welsh Government funding of CCDG (as a wholly owned Welsh Government subsidiary and Teckal company) and CCDG expenditure as a contracting authority subject to the procurement rules.

• Attend Board meetings regularly and prepare thoroughly for those meetings;

• Be prepared to serve on sub committees;

• To provide leadership to CCDG management and staff in implementing the Careers Wales Strategic Vision, Changing Lives – A Vision for Careers Wales;

• Actively provide, and balance, both challenge and support to CCDG management and staff in their work;

• Represent CCDG at public functions;

• Promote the profile of CCDG; and

• Facilitate contact with CCDG’s stakeholders.

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